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The Mountain Recast…Again


Well it looks like we have a new Gregor Clegane (the Mountain) for season 4.  Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson, an Icelandic strongman, will be taking the reins of the role.  

For some reason we keep on getting a new Ser Gregor.  Season 1 we were lucky enough enough to get Conan Stevens, and season 2 Ian Whyte took over the role.

personally think Conan Stevens was the better of the two.  Even though he only had one line, “SWORD!!”, he delivered it exactly how I always imagined The Mountain to be.  

Hafþór Björnsson doesn’t have any acting experience, but definitely fits the role due to his immense size of 6’9 and 419 LBS.  I’m really not to worried about the fact that he doesn’t have any acting experience, because all he has to do is act fierce and yell.

I was never a fan of Ian Whyte’s representation of Ser Gregor, and honestly I’m very happy to see someone else taking over the role who better fits the bill of the character.  If I could have my way Conan Stevens would still be the mountain, he captured exactly what the Mountain was.  

I do hope at the end of this season I wont be looking back saying “Hafþór Björnsson is the worst Mountain we’ve had to date”  because this is such an important season for him.  So we really need Hafþór Björnsson to pull his weight (which is a lot) and do a fantastic job.

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